EU envoys in historic visit to Puntland

A delegation from European countries toured Somalia’s Puntland state for the first time, Radio Garowe reports.

The plane carrying the delegation led by the Spanish envoy to Kenya, whose country temporarily hold EU chair, landed at Conoco, in the outskirts of Garowe city, the administrative capital of Puntland.

Puntland State President Dr. Abdirahman Mohamed “Farole,” and senior government officials received the delegation comprising of envoys representing European countries to Kenya, in Garowe presidential palace.

“It is a historic trip for the EU envoys in Kenya to Garowe, they are arriving at a time when the region is green and rainy season, and they have even seen how Puntland is rich interms of livestock,” he said after the meeting with the envoys.

Among the things discussed is strengthening cooperation and advancing EU-sponsored development projects in Puntland State, which has been successful, added the president.

He however noted that the envoys had short time to spend on the trip, promising another tour to take them around and discuss development projects in Puntland State.

The envoys were then taken to Salahley, in the outskirts of Garowe, where they were prepared for special lunch.

After the wonderful lunch, the envoys met with traditional elders who included Islan Isse Islan Mohammed, Sultan Said Mohammed Garase, Garad Abdullahi Ali Iid, Sultan Said Mohammed and Sultan Mohammed Mashqare.

“I am telling you that Puntland enjoys peace and tranquility both in the rural and urban like you have seen now, the peace is a common interest for everyone in Puntland,. We only need the developed countries to support us on what we can’t achieve. We pray to God for the stability of the rest of the country that is suffering from conflict. We call on you to offer your help and we will always welcome you,” said Islan Isse Islan Mohammed. .

The EU delegation flew back to Nairobi, Kenya, later Saturday.



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