IDPs in Puntland

Since 2006, the number of IDPs ( internally displaced people) in Puntland has rapidly risen. This is influx of IDPs is mainly attributed to the accelerating insecurity in the southern and central regions of Somalia, but some of them have left their native regions for Puntland for other reasons as well. In the past few years, thousands of people have come to Puntland in search of peace, security, stability and economic opportunities.

Above: Abdullahi Aden Ali, IDP success story

There are no exact figures on the number of IDPs who now call Puntland home, but estimates indicate that there are between 35,000 and 70,000 IDPs residing in various towns and cities throughout Puntland many of whom have been welcomed with open arms by the locals. At a governmental level, steps have been taken in the right direction to improve the living standards and conditions of the IDPs. The Puntland government, in partnership with the U.N., international NGOs and local organizations have attempted to improve the quality of life of IDPs in Puntland by providing them with humanitarian assistance ( such as improved access to clean drinking water, food, shelter etc.), as well as better access to health services, justice and education. They have also attempted to tackle the issue of fires in IDP settlements by upgrading settlements and teaching IDPs about fire preparedness to decrease the breakouts of these deadly fires. In addition, several permanent settlements have been constructed.

In May, the UNICEF Regional Director visited Bosaso for the inauguration of a new water storage tank and a pipeline, which will provide approximately 65% of the population with clean drinking water. Below is a video of Elhadj As Sy’s visit to Bosaso :


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